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The Campaign


All the Peeps are buzzing about the news of the newest Peeps Delights™ on the block. Rumors are flying on tabloids and in magazines about their decadently dipped lifestyles. With their chocolatey bottoms, Peeps Delights™ have become the celebrity of the Peeps universe and we brought that to life in this campaign.

CelebriPEEPS Magazine

The tasty rumors are true: New Peeps DelightsTM are the most indulgent Peeps ever. #Peepsonality

Social Posts
The P! News Channel

We created The P! News team (two regular yellow Peeps as hosts) to bring Peeps fans the latest breaking Peep Culture news, featuring exclusive segments, celebriPEEPS highlights, trend reports, scandals, news, rumors, and more.

The P! News channel is the only destination Peeps Culture fans need to stay in the know.

In-store Display

Faux magazine covers feature the Peeps Delights™ line and draw buyers to the product directly below them.

First Round of Poster Designs

The client wanted to introduce the chocolate-dipped Peeps line by focusing on the iconic Peeps yellow color and the chic shape. These are initial minimalistic poster designs with those notes in mind.