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Disney Princess | Pitch

Disney Princesses are becoming more empowered with stories like Brave and Frozen. Their toy line wanted to reflect this shift in empowering girls and they wanted a change from Mattel. So, we wrote this manifesto as part of Hasbro’s pitch… and won.

Hasbro’s stock increased 3.8% immediately following Disney’s announcement that Hasbro won the Disney Princess business (worth $XXX million dollars) from Mattel.

Here’s to the next generation of princesses.


Social Campaigns

Facebook & Instagram

My copywriting partner and I created several social campaigns for the Disney Princess Instagram feed and Facebook pages (each princess has her own Facebook page). Every social post had to tie back to princess’ value and the overall campaign, “Dream Big Princess.”

We created a substantial amount of work on tight turnarounds. The following are only a select few from three campaigns, which included static posts, GIFs, and cinemagraphs.

Recipes & Coupons

For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we pushed our RECIPE and COUPON campaigns to include a range of parental figures like step parents and Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

We provided each campaign as downloadable PDFs for families to print and share in person.